Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a speed test?

You can download the following 1GB file direct from our webserver to test typical network performance.


We run a 10Gbit uncontended network with multiple redundant and diverse 10Gbit uplinks to the internet.

How fast will be order be processed?

All Webhosting/Reseller, Cloud/VPS and most Dedicated server orders should be instantly activated once payment is made.

We do carry out Fraud checks on all new customers within 24 hours of ordering however this won’t delay or prevent instant activation.

Can I use my service for sending Email?

Yes. We permit normal and legal emailing activities but do not support any unsolicited sending or spamming from our network.

If you are looking to use our services to send SPAM or bulk unsolicited email, please don’t waste your time as we employ numerous detection techniques which will block your activity within minutes.

Can I use my service for VPN?

Yes. Providing all activity is legal within the UK we have no objections  to you using your services for VPN, we have many customers doing so.

Do you use any rate limiting or traffic shaping?

No. Our network capacity is fully available to you to use, we don’t block/filter/rate limit or shape your traffic at any level.

Do you offer any DDoS protection?

Yes, we can provide some basic mitigation and filtering. This is provided on a case by case basis.